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Launched in 2014, Lighthouse Philanthropy Advisors is a women-owned firm whose principals have extensive professional backgrounds in helping individuals, families, and foundations make smart giving decisions to have the most impact on the issues they care about.

We are a multi-cultural team with experience covering a broad range of social, economic, cultural, and environmental justice issues that came together because of our shared belief in philanthropy’s unique role in fostering transformational change.

We bring complementary skills and expertise, along with a strong understanding of the nonprofit sector based on our individual deep experience as grantmakers and nonprofit leaders. Lighthouse Philanthropy Advisors is the result of relationships we have built over our many years of working in philanthropy and the nonprofit sector. We believe that the most successful grantmaking is based on relationships and partnerships – with the donors and foundations we work with and the nonprofit organizations that we identify for support.

Our work is personal and individualized. Each donor has a unique vision for the impact s/he wants to make through philanthropy. This vision is deeply personal, connected to one’s core values and beliefs about the world, humanity, and justice.

Similarly, foundations have a vision that reflect the family’s or board’s core values and way they see the world, including the impact they seek to create through their giving.  Identifying, refining, and realizing that vision requires a personal touch. Lighthouse provides just that through our customizable and comprehensive services.

 We welcome the opportunity to work with you.