Our team has experience developing and managing grantmaking programs of all sizes, stages, and scopes, from start-up to spend down. Our services are nimble, flexible, and responsive to your needs and include:  

  • one-time support, as well as ongoing advising.
  • temporary staffing during times of transition.
  • work in coordination with your legal, investment, and tax advisors to ensure that your needs are met seamlessly.

Our initiatives often center around the following services: 

Vision and goal setting  

We help you identify and refine the goals for your giving and visualize the impact you want to make through your grants. This can be helpful if you are just starting out, or if you are exploring a new area of giving. For example, we might help a family create a collective vision and goals to drive and direct grantmaking. Some of our clients then have us help execute on that vision. In that scenario, we would help you create processes and draft policies to integrate multiple generations in family philanthropy. Our work may include coaching, and education for new trustees, succession planning, and implementing good governance practices.

Program and strategy development    

Lighthouse can help you develop turnkey strategic grantmaking programs and initiatives. We conduct field scans and landscape analyses to help you better understand the larger context in which you are funding. We then leverage our knowledge of philanthropic best-practices to help you develop custom programs, while ensuring your grantmaking is effective, efficient, and impactful.

We also access our extensive networks, making sure your programs are informed by outside giving experiences. That same network also enables us to identify potential best-in-class grantee partners. 

Last but not least, we also help clients identify collaboration and leveraged funding opportunities. 

Program implementation

Lighthouse can develop requests for proposals and identify potential grantees that best address your interests. We can also manage all communication with grant-seekers and grantees. We also conduct thorough grant-seeker due diligence, and provide organizational and financial assessments to inform your grantmaking decisions. 


Lighthouse can evaluate grantmaking programs to assess the progress and effectiveness of grantees and gauge the overall impact of your funding. Our evaluation efforts combine a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches. 


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