The core values underlying our philanthropic advising approach are:

  • Client centered – We start from where you are and not where we think you need to go.  
  • Respect – We respect your core beliefs and values and use that understanding to shape our giving recommendations. We also deeply respect our nonprofit partners and the expertise and vision that guides their work.
  • Collaboration – We seek out opportunities to collaborate with other funders and change makers to have the greatest possible impact.
  • Continuous learning – We believe that offering donor education and peer networking opportunities for philanthropists can help enhance individual giving outcomes and leverage additional resources for deeper impact.
  • Personalization – We help to make the philanthropic process a satisfying and meaningful one that fits into your busy life.
  • Effectiveness – We care about the rigor and results of our efforts to realize your philanthropic goals and help you identify the root cause of issues you care about in order to maximize the impact of your grants.